Viazacia a zdvíhacia technika. Popruhy, slučky, závesyViazacia a zdvíhacia technika
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We offer:

  • PES-webbing slings and round slings
  • Lifting chains and ropes
  • Protective jackets for lifting slings
  • Chains and wire rope slings accesories
  • Load securing systems
  • Plate clamps and grabs
  • Hand hoist and tackles
  • Permanent magnets
  • Pinion jach and hand rope winch
  • Swivel jib crane
  • Hand pallet trucks
  • Protection woking according for work in heights


S K A N A R, spol. s r.o.
Kpt. Nálepku 130, 934 01 Levice SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Mobile: +421 940 987 494